abcb provides experienced, hands-on advisors and interim leaders to tech companies

abcb provides experienced, hands-on advisors and interim leaders to tech companies

We are experienced operators in the international software and tech industry, and help our clients change and grow their business. Our team delivers consultancy services and management for hire to our clients, for short or long term engagements.

We started abcb in 2018 following decades in international leadership roles - in start-ups, scale-ups and large multinational companies. Since then, we have helped more than twentyfive companies from several countries.

Take a look at who we work with here.  We would love to be of value to your company.

Who we are

abcb is a boutique consulting firm, operated by international executives. We help clients with all commercial and strategic initiatives, and our main asset is the extensive experience and know-how we bring from decades in international tech business, combined with a hands-on approach.

We have several years experience from C-level roles in both domestic and international markets, and have most likely met your specific challenges before.

abcb  is a trusted growth and change enabler, partnering with tech companies who want to expand in new or existing markets. Our team and our active network have successful experience in scaling companies, and we share a unique leadership, sales and business development background.

What we do

Partnering closely with tech companies, abcb delivers a range of advisory and consulting services, helping our customers grow successfully.

Key factors:

  • Hands-on - We analyze, plan and execute
  • We have most likely been in your situation before
  • We understand geographical and cultural differences
  • We have sense of urgency - i.e. you should expect rapid impact
  • We work with Management, Board and Owners

As a key element of our services offering, we provide Senior Commercial leaders through Management for hire. Read more about it here.

In short, our goal is to enable companies to rapidly scale up sales of products and services in both new and existing markets.



Why work with us?  If something below resonates, please get in touch!

  • You want to enter a new market - the Nordics, the US or maybe Asia?
  • Your core competency is not on the commercial side, and you see the value in experience, know-how and network
  • You need more operational bandwidth to rapidly execute go-to-market approaches
  • You want to reduce business risk, and prefer a variable cost approach to expansion, instead of taking on high fixed costs for employees and offices
  • You need help ensuring your strategies and change requirements are implemented successfully throughout the organisation; and in the market.