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abcb helps tech companies expand and enter new markets.

abcb helps tech companies expand and enter new markets

We founded abcb to solve a key problem for many ambitious software and tech companies:

How to succeed and grow in new markets, while reducing business risk?

Who we are

abcb is a sales-as-a-service organisation, and acts as a growth enabler for small and medium sized companies who want to expand into new markets. The founders and their partner network have successful experience in scaling software companies, and share a unique sales and business development background.

What we do

Working closely with selected software vendors, abcb delivers a hands-on, professional sales-as-a-service, with a unique international coverage through our network of sales partners. We enable companies to rapidly scale up sales of products and services in new markets. We support our sales operations with our advisory services.


Why should you want to work with us?  If you agree with one or several statements below, please get in touch!

  • You demand cost-effective resources to rapidly provide advice and execute go-to-market approaches
  • You prefer a variable cost approach to expansion, instead of taking on high fixed costs for employees and offices
  • You lack commercial resources and/or industry domain expertise to target specific market sectors or geographic areas
  • You seek to mitigate risk, and want cost-effective expansion into new markets
  • Your core competency is not sales or business development, but you see the value in partnering with sales and business development expertise
  • You want to establish the first pilot customers in new markets, before building your own local presence