B2B tech sales is not dead – it’s just a different game

It's surprising to see how few of the many smart CEOs and founders of start-ups and scale-ups who fully appreciate and invest in the value of sales experience and the ability to sell. Inbound marketing is not enough.

It is a tough job to lead a tech start-up or a scale-up. First, you need to understand the specific problem you want to solve – and for whom. There is a multitude of constant challenges ranging from raising capital, development, changing, testing and fine-tuning services and products, finding the right value proposition, building a team of great people, etc. The list goes on and on, and it’s virtually impossible to be equally good at all aspects of growing the business.

But it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if nobody is buying. While inbound marketing is an essential piece of building credibility, awareness, consideration and intent to purchase, it is not enough on its own.

We meet many ‘experts’ who claim that the B2B software sales person is dead, or has no place in our modern digital world. They claim everything has gone digital. But the truth is entirely different. Yes, the prehistoric macho sales guy is long gone, but the professional, knowledgeable and skilled salesperson of today definitely isn’t. Potential customers today are far better informed than before, and a large portion of their buying process is done online. However, someone still needs to help navigate and close complex sales processes, as very few products actually sell themselves.

How do you solve the sales challenge in your business? Reach out if you want a fresh approach.

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