Commercial interim leaders for tech companies. A smart way to tackle growth challenges.

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Many technology companies have urgent, but temporary needs for competent, commercial leaders. As a result, companies look to hire interim resources. The goal can be to deliver results, implement changes, fill unexpected gaps, restructure the organization or turn around under-performing projects or departments. In order to provide a solution to these needs, abcb now delivers competent and experienced interim managers for senior commercial roles.

Interim management is a well established concept with rapid growth. But while there are several good general providers of interims, only abcb offers this exclusive focus in Norway: Commercial interim leaders for tech companies.

Technology companies need hands-on leaders with relevant experience and success from the industry itself. As a result, all our resources have background from senior commercial positions in tech companies. Several of our resources have extensive international experience from start-ups, scale-ups and multinational companies.

We help our customers identify the best way to deliver change programs. Expertly, quickly and cost-effectively. It can be a senior interim to fill a gap, or specific expertise on a short-term basis to overcome challenges, deliver a growth plan or steer a turnaround.

The solution can include an individual or a small team in a model to bridge the gap between management consulting and interim resourcing.

The typical roles we offer, are:

  • Head of Sales / Chief Growth Officer
  • Chief Commercial/Strategy/Operating Officer/Chief of Staff
  • Chief Executive Officer

Typical assignments range from three to twelve months, but this is flexible and depend on our client’s requirements. We provide resources from our own established network; and in some cases directly from abcb.  If you have the required background and want to be considered as a candidate for our customers, we are interested in speaking with you.

Contact us today:

If you have the need for an interim commercial leader and want to discuss an assignment, please reach out to us today at oyvind.lundgreen@abcb.no. All conversations are confidential.

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