Leadership is lonely. How to make it better.

With personal experience from CEO positions and other leadership roles, we know all about the pressure and the challenges that face leaders in the tech industry. We also know that ultimately, it’s a lonely job. But you can make it less so.

One of the top priorities for leaders regardless of industry, is to build a top-notch team. The team needs complementary skillsets, education and experience, a diverse background and the necessary drive and sense of urgency. But regardless of how good the team is, and regardless of how flat the organization is, someone needs to be the ultimate leader in the company (department/division) and take the key, difficult decisions.


Some decisions within a company are simply not suited for general discussions in the team. So, who do you speak with? You may not want – or feel comfortable with discussing everything 100% openly with your board or your investors. Nor with your colleagues and team members. And unless you are truly blessed with talents in all aspects of running a business, you do need someone to talk to.


Our experience is that most leaders benefit and get value from having a professional, un-biased sparring partner. Having someone you can openly discuss sensitive and complex decisions with, can be extremely valuable. There will be no judgement or political fallback with raising new ideas or solutions.  Instead you get direct, open and useful feedback.


For some, it is a daring step to reach outside your company for a sparring partner. However, our own experience has shown that it really works. Having someone with relevant experience to bounce ideas with, and to help navigate complex situations is just what they say in the ads. Priceless.


Our piece of advice, regardless of how mature you are as a leader – reach out and find someone who you can freely discuss your business challenges with. In abcb, we speak with company leaders in the tech industry every day of the week, and we know that it works.  Something to think about over Christmas?

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